Grace Han

Founded in February 2019, Grace Han is a luxury accessories and leather goods brand, defined by its focus on exceptional craftsmanship, offering the perfect balance of timeless style, uncompromising quality and purposeful design.

Dedication, authenticity, and harmony within life's conflicting forces were elements that rung true for the founder when she set out to build her company, and have since remained the three key elements of her brand.

With its roots in both London and Taipei, Grace Han is a brand that combines values from both the East and the West. The brand reflects softness and strength, emotion and logic, tradition and innovation.



Since childhood, Taiwanese born British designer Grace Han learned the value of discipline, hard-work, and attention to detail from her entrepreneurial father. Synchronously, studying art and calligraphy from her mother cultivated her appreciation for tradition, fine arts and craftsmanship; the basis of her collection inspiration.

When Grace began the journey of creating Grace Han, she knew that above all she must be uncompromising in her vision and therefore committed the following years to learning her craft; it was vital to her that she not only design her bags but be able to make them from the inside out.  Following two years of apprenticeships in a handbag factory, Grace employed a pattern cutter and the two of them, in a small apartment in Taipei,  worked on making her designs a reality.

The Grace Han leather pleats in the brand’s signature ‘Ballet Lesson’ collection are an innovation that took seven years to perfect, a testament to her persistence and commitment to quality. Grace was inspired to create the pleats during a period of introspection in which she came to see them as a physical representation of herself, her mother’s influence on her, and the women that encapsulate the brand. The contradicting fluidity of the unbending lines expresses perfectly the women who are multifaceted, profound, both soft and strong, rational and emotional.



The brands first flagship store is located on the prestigious Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge, London.  Having always felt a strong connection to London, Grace knew there was nowhere else in the world she’d want for her first boutique shop to open its doors. This was the city where her parents studied, fell in love, and got married in. For Grace, London was a source of romantic nostalgia, a place where her imagination could soar.

That imagination began to take shape on a quiet afternoon in 2015 when strolling through the beautiful streets of South Kensington and Knightsbridge, surrounded by fine examples of the Baroque Architecture she loves and the finest museums in the world to inspire her. Away from the buzz of Sloane Street she stumbled upon the quiet and eclectic charm of Beauchamp Place and instantly knew this was where she wanted to lay her roots.

Grace insisted on creating an exclusive, contemporary and most crucially a warm and welcoming environment. Every piece of furniture in-store, from the armchairs, to the stools, display tables and even the light pendants, were bespoke and made to measure for Grace Han – gentle in their shape and warm in their colours and textures. The boutique's signature Turkish pink Salome marble, with its subtle pockets of pink, further added a dash of femininity and reflected Grace’s brand spirit of balance. The Grace Han space became a unique fusion of the East and the West, with materials flown in from seven different cities worldwide until the boutique was completed. And Grace was present at every step along the way, from conception to finish, much like her devotion to her accessory designs.